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Updated: Jan 19, 2020

You want to make a garden this spring but don't have the room. Where should you start?

1. Make a plan: Do you have room for a field of wildflowers or only room for a pot? If you like the idea of wildflowers but don't have a whole field, why not try making a tiny wildflower patch or a deck garden in an old metal washtub or wide planter?

2. Would you love a water garden but don't have the space? Turn your favourite pot into a mini-water feature. Just install a mini fountain or bubbler in the bottom.

3. Decks and patios can be a wonderful place to enjoy your favourite plants. There are plants suited to the hottest deck and the shadiest seating area.

4. Caring for a small garden takes only minutes. A little water, weeding, and feeding and your plants will reward you with

blooms, pollinators, and joy.

So get out that shopping list and plan to garden small this year. Pam Dallaire


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